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Safety Engineers

Safety Engineers

Safety Engineers vacancy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Safety Engineers wanted in Dubai


Should have previous working experience as a Safety engineer.

Must be skilled in reading and interpreting blueprints and schematics.

Extensive knowledge of safety regulations.

Should be familiar with engineering design and construction processes.


Reviewing plans and specifications.

Should conduct research of potential safety hazards.

Overseeing installation of safety devices or machinery.

Reviewing safety programs and making recommendations.


Accommodation, Transportation, Visa, Air Ticket

They develop policies to ensure safety of an environment, its customers and employees. They inspect equipment, environments and buildings to identify areas that can potentially cause health and safety hazards.

They develop procedures and design systems to prevent people from getting sick or injured and to keep property from being damaged.

They are responsible for keeping people free from danger, risk, or injury in the workplace. They develop safety programs to minimize losses due to injuries and property damage.

They try to eliminate unsafe practices and conditions in industrial plants, mines, and stores as well as on construction sites and throughout transportation systems.

Many work for insurance companies. Others are employed by government agencies or safety organizations.

Still others teach in colleges and universities or work as independent consultants.

Safety engineers work in many different types of industrial and commercial companies to ensure safety in the workplace as well as in the products the companies make.

They often have other titles, such as director of safety, safety manager, or safety coordinator. Sometimes technicians assist them.

The duties of them vary depending on where they work. Engineers employed in large manufacturing plants often develop broad safety programs.

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