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Electricity Technicians

Electricity Technicians Vacancy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Electricity Technicians


Electricity Technicians required in Dubai

We are looking for an experienced Electricity Technicians to undertake a variety of tasks relating to setting up and maintaining electrical infrastructure.

Your job will involve  installation of electrical system components, troubleshooting malfunctions and blackouts and repairing appliances.

Due to the high amount of risk pertaining to this job, Electricity Technicians must be first and foremost responsible individuals with great attention to safety precautions. The ideal candidate must also be experienced in different kinds of electrical devices and systems.

The goal will be to produce and maintain well functioning electrical connections to minimize the probability of accidents and maximize usability of electricity in all facilities.


Interested candidates should have prior working experience .

Should have good problem solving skills.

Must be skilled in installation of electrical components.

Ability operate power and hand tools.

Ideal applicants should have an outstanding reliability and multi tasking abilities.



Preparing layout for installation of electrical equipment.

Should carry out installation of electrical system components.

Conducting testing, safety checks and quality control.

Troubleshooting and repairing electrical components.

Finally candidates should be able to perform any related tasks as well as achieve relevant results when needed.


Transport and housing provided after one month of testing.

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